We’re living in strange times maInly because of fear and hiding from Corona, 5G and (food-) pollution. We experience being powerless and we are most vulnerable when it comes to our fysical health and self-determination and it looks like we are forced into some major changes and looking back to who we really are and who we became (retrograde)..

I wanna reflect and catalyse personal growth with you. I wanna help you to tune inwards our mind instead of speeding fast forward with the media and the scary world around us on a devastating road to nowhere with our eyes closed πŸŒ„
Who is behind the wheel in your existence and who’s gonna safe you from yourself…

I do beliieve in God so please turn to me if you wanna get ahead in the way you live your live today or say a prayer…..

Ik ben gediplomeerd Ervaringsdeskundige en werkzaam als woonbegeleider bij Stichting Phusis . Ik ben Transformatiecoach (Wia Hansma), REIKI-Master (Rosability), Sjamanic Healer (Centrum Lumos) enthousiast Gitarist (selfstudy), Delibarate Creator (LOA) & (bijna afgestudeerd) N.L.P. & Systeem- en Relatietherapeut (Phoenix ) and i am at your service..🌈

Check Way-of-Life.NU … πŸ‘£ doesn,t matter..
….please connect with me and let’s get started first…πŸ‘‰πŸŽ‰.
Call..+316-14824693….πŸ“ž ..and start rising from your ashes with me … 😎 .

Keep your head (crown) up, keep your heart strong…
Keep your mind set, keep your head low,
….and your hands clean please..πŸ˜‰πŸŒΉ